Meet our CEO: Crystal Miller

Crystal Miller (left) with Co-Founder Carrie Corbin (right).

Crystal Miller (left) with Co-Founder Carrie Corbin (right).

Crystal Miller has been in leadership roles since she was 17 years old and took her first marketing manager job just before turning 18.  After spending several years in B2C construction marketing & human resources, she saw the need for a new niche to be fully developed at the intersection of HR & Marketing.  She has devoted over a decade to improving the employer branding, recruitment marketing & culture marketing of employers both as an in-house practitioner and agency executive.

In 2009, as the global financial crisis had pushed the United States into a great recession, Crystal left the security of a corporate role to begin her 2nd company, M3 Consulting.  At the time she had less than $100 in disposable income to her name, but she knew there was a better way to create a greater industry impact with her career.  This company, focused more on social marketing, community building and recruitment, would ultimately serve as the springboard to the creation of Branded Strategies, with her Co-Founder and one of her closest friends, Carrie Corbin.

Crystal has a commitment to helping those in need. She is a social advocate for ending childhood hunger, a supporter of “Share Our Strength.”  She is also a vocal advocate for social reform for the treatment and protection of battered spouses.  She has both written and talked openly about her challenges with domestic violence, along with working with Attitudes & Attire to help others who have struggled with abuse get a fresh, safe start.

Miller has a passion for furthering knowledge within her industry.  She’s supported movements to improve the balance between employers and job seekers by volunteering to lead the Awareness & Branding Committee of the Candidate Experience Council since 2014.  To help further the interests of Talent Acquisition & Attraction professionals around the world, she has worked with a team of others to establish a Non-Profit Organization, ATAP, as well as volunteer to lead its PR & Communications committee.

Crystal’s passion, extensive knowledge & fresh insight has made her a sought-after speaker across the globe, as well as keynoting conferences on 3 continents.  She has been featured as a reliable expert source and thought leader for multiple media outlets including CBS, Fox News, Hanley-Wood, Mashable, Huffington Post and ABC. As an industry leader, she is recognized for expertise in employer branding, recruitment strategy & marketing, social media, community building, culture marketing, reputation marketing & digital strategic solutions.

Her work in predictive recruitment marketing has helped numerous organizations refine and optimize their marketing spend as well as improve workforce retention through better hiring experiences.  Her development of game-changing university marketing programs has been called “ground-breaking,”  saving employers thousands of collective man-hours spent on college campuses, while strengthening relations with faculty.  Her creative strategies and work has earned recognition with the Shorty Awards and the Trailblazer Award with AT&T.  Crystal and her team at Branded Strategies focus on changing the way companies attract and retain talent, engage in social media, culture & reputation marketing, and the way employers engage their workforce to maximize business impact.