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Branded strategies is a flexible agency designed to meet your HR & Recruitment Marketing goals. We build award-winning, Talent Attraction programs and engaging digital strategies for small businesses to Fortune 15 companies.


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  • BeachBody

    Revitalized social engagement with a New Year wellness campaign that not only increased reach & engagement; it also delivered increased CTR to 9.8% and 36% increase in lead generation.

  • AHA

    Established digital Talent Attraction strategy, employer branding story & recruitment marketing campaigns for this non-profit's recruitment program.

  • AT&T

    Combined 8 years establishing & improving upon this global Fortune 11 company's employer branding, mobile & social strategy both in Talent Attraction & Global Marketing.


We are just like you. We've been on the Corporate side & understand the challenges HR & Recruiting departments face when it comes to attracting talent. And that's why we built a different kind of agency: one focused on making your organization better.


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Lead the future, don’t chase it.

If the only constant in life is change, then it’s important to have a strategy nimble enough to stay ahead of it.  And make no mistake, the pace of this constant change moves quickly.  People are turning to technology to connect with the people, places, things, and ideas that are important to them in real time… but to maintain relevancy with a today’s “A.D.D. audience,” you need two things:  1) engaging, actionable strategies to make you stand-out from the surrounding noise and 2) an agency that can make it happen.

Enter Branded Strategies.

Our approach is simple:  harness digital technology to drive transformational growth.  Doing that starts with understanding your needs and goals, something we’re uniquely poised to do because we’ve been where you are.  Everyone at Branded Strategies comes from a practitioner background; so we know the challenges and politics associated with Corporate life.  We start with business-case definition: is what you want, what you need?  To find out,we frequently engage in predictive and financial modeling.  As we work with you to create a Digital Strategy Roadmap, we also help build the inroads needed to partner with your marketing, brand, and legal teams as well.  Finally, create a better user experience, we promote an omnichannel strategy whenever possible; again partnering with the marketing department as needed to ensure a seamless story and campaign delivery.



Branding & Creative

Brand Identity & Voice, Employer Branding, Creative, Culture Marketing, Meaning of Work

Branding & Creative

A good story doesn’t happen in a moment in time; it infuses insight with creativity as it takes the audience on a captivating journey. To achieve that, we start by simplifying the complex.  Once the “big picture” has been brought into focus, we get serious about getting creative.  Taking storytelling to a new level, we use data and behavioral psychology to craft a compelling, engaging story; then we amplify it with technology.

With employer branding, we have an enhanced focus in culture marketing and the meaning of work, with the employee as the hero of the story.  Putting your people first humanizes your brand and allows people to connect with your corporate story and see themselves as part of it.

We believe in cross-platform,”collaborative creative” – meaning when you can get your audience involved, you should.  Not just because it wins awards (though it often does); but because that’s when you can create memorable experiences.  It’s not about being creative for “creative’s sake,” but about capitalizing on lasting impact.


Mobile, Web, & Digital


Mobile, Web, & Digital

Did you know more people own a cell phone than a toothbrush?  While kind of gross when you think about it closely, it’s true.  Of the 7+ Billion people on Earth, 5.1 own a cell phone… only 4.2 own a toothbrush.  Ponder that next time you brush your teeth.

What it tells us is that the “second screen” really is the first screen we need to solve for when designing digital strategies and solutions.  Not sold?  Here’s a few more fast facts to back it up:

  • 91% of smartphone users have their phone within arm’s reach 24/7.
  • People are connected to their phones. When lost or stolen, the average person will report it in just 68 minutes; compared to 26 hours when they lose their wallet.
  • That closeness might be why the average response is only 90 seconds on mobile, compared to 90 minutes via email.
  • 44% of Facebook users access their accounts via mobile – and are twice as active as their desktop counterparts.
  • Speaking of activity, 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action; over half of which result in purchases.
  • In fact, by 2016 nearly 1/5th of global ad spend will be accounted for by Mobile.
  • And 52% of mobile ads result in a phone call.

Mobile is here to stay and is held by a highly action-oriented audience.  We help you create conversations that drive not only traffic, but conversions with a mobile audience in mind.


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Marketing & Social

Real-Time Marketing, Social Media, Engagement

Marketing & Social

With social, it’s not just about the one tweet or status update. Given our specialty is in digitally-centric programs, we take a disciplined approach to data-driven, digital dialogue.  That means we create a fun, compelling campaign with a bottom-line goal of improving organizational effectiveness by answering questions.

With talent attraction, that might be what they ‘love’ or ‘hate’ about work, or why they choose to stay or leave an employer.  For consumer-oriented marketing, questions can drive to help answer questions around product development and customer positioning.

Whatever the question, in a social world the answers lay in real-time marketing & we make sure you’re ready to keep up with the pace of conversation.

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